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Improve you life. Balance life with people.

Track & Improve Life Balance Every Day!

Work-Life Balance is a free life improvement app for everyone to design and track their daily activities and improve work-life balance. The app is accessible anywhere and anytime – online and offline. Online users can improve work-life balance daily with others without pressure or anxiety through provided game-like features for real productivity and happiness. Users can download the app directly from the Google App store.

What Sets Work-Life Balance App by Denalivo Apps Apart?

With the inchoate concept that everyone deserves a more balanced life without any cost but effort, the Work-Life Balance app has been aiming to help people achieve their desires. Although productivity is one of the primary goals, the app does not only focus on work aspects with heavy schedules and alarms as many other apps do. Instead, it encourages users to achieve life improvement and maintain a life balance from different levels and perspectives.

Life Balance across all Life Areas of Life Wheel

At the high level of perspective of life balance, the Work-Life Balance app urges users to track and diversify daily activities in all eight life areas: Health, Fun & Hobbies, Personal Growth, Family & Relationships, Friends & Social Life, Rest & Sleep, Contribution to Society, and Career. In short, the life wheel provides a clear picture to track the balance status among all life areas for the current day for self-adjustment and quick improvement.

A balance between Productivity and Happiness

Through effort levels, the app unlocks predesigned activities to track daily routines repeatedly. However, the app highly recommends users to design their unique reusable activities to fit their lifestyles and goals. Regardless of tracking a predesigned activity or a custom-designed one, the divide-and-conquer strategy is applied. The app strictly enforces the following duration boundaries for activities of all living areas to maintain a balance between productivity and happiness at any moment:

  • Target improves focus and productivity on each granular activity toward the preset goal.
  • Limit prevents all negative factors of overload, overwork, stress, and time-wasting.

Improve Work-Life Balance without Anxiety or Stress

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is a balanced life. Everyone who desires a more balanced life can follow daily Balance Quests and Tasks step by step to improve life balance. Daily Balance Quest rewards extra bonus for users spending minimum time in each life area. Meanwhile, daily Tasks gently promote people through a day with designated time ranges for :

  • healthy sleep,
  • work on the prepared to-do checklist,
  • wrap-up for the next day before moving onto other life areas,
  • and self-reflection by the end of the day.

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Balance Improvement

Besides quick work-life balance gained daily Balance Quests and Tasks, the app urges users to build good habits to improve life quality for the long term. Via Habit Tracker, the app helps users to design their desired habits and take action until completion.

Balance by Yourself vs. Grow with Others

The app provides an environment where users can seriously design and improve their life but enjoy a game. It rewards Effort Points (EP) for true-time spent on tracked or logged activities. Thus, users move on Effort Levels and Leaderboards with true-life activities. Indeed the virtual achievements in the app represent the true effort and will of the users toward their goals and meaningful life in reality. With the Work-Life Balance app, people play the game of life when working, living, and contributing to life.

Achievable Goal for Everyone

Lastly, the Work-Life Balance app is free: there are no in-app features for now and in the future. All current and future features are free for everyone. As mentioned at the beginning, everyone can pursue a more balanced life without any cost but effort. Therefore, we will let users install this work-life balance app from the Google App store, read updates from our recent posts, experience all current and upcoming features themselves, and feedback to improve altogether.

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