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Life Balance Quest in first half of April 2020
Life Balance Quest achievements in the first half of April 2020 among all life balance pioneers

Are you interested in how other pioneers behave in the Balance Quests? Due to the general privacy policy and different types of app accounts that users decide to stay, we are all sure that NO ONE knows how a particular pioneer performs on the quest toward life balance. Instead, Life Balance app will try to inform some statistics on how the whole group performs at a high abstraction level. You should get some ideas on where the new life adventure start.

The good news is balance quests distributing nearly even across all life areas. Thus, we achieved a good life balance during the first half of April as a whole group.

However, pioneers only spend time for 3-4 life areas per day on average. The obvious target is some number closer to 8 as we try to spread our daily time over as many life areas as possible. Our ultimate purpose is to nourish every day of our life with various sources of energy and happiness.

Balance Quests: where the new life adventure starts

Are you willing to take new life adventures to neglected life areas? It will be different for each person, but you can identify your recommended life areas in the Weekly Report and Balance Tracker. You can create a life-changing habit in the area to take daily action with more discipline and rewards from Habit Builder. Meanwhile, concerning areas for all pioneers should be Contribution to Society, Friends, and Family according to the graph of Life Balance Quest achievements in the first half of April 2020 among all life balance pioneers.

Although Covid-19 is a barrier factor for those mentioned areas, Life Balance enumerates many virtual activities to perform without close contact. Feel free to share significant activities with the group directly or privately message us via in-app feedback. Let’s explore new life adventures on the Balance Quests together for the rest of the month. You can do it!

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