The book of life: The Road of Achievements

Life Balance captures all proudest moments in the your book of life: The Road of Achievements.

“Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world,” said Archimedes – an ancient philosopher and versatile scientist. Such maxim revealed the inevitable role of equilibrium in physics, and life is not different from physics. In fact, the road to success seems far without life balance.

Today I got a new virtual assistant: Life Balance, to be my companion on the road of achievements. Adopting the app does not mean my life is out of balance. Instead, I decided to let it help to advance my life balance and acknowledge my daily achievements. Further, I need its presence through vicissitudes to kindle my enthusiasm, inspire my confidence, and persistently promote my travail to success.

From now on, I will try to balance my time in all life areas. I know they are mutually complementary. I know they coalesce to enlighten my life and push me beyond my current limits. For the day the dream success of my life coming true, I will divide my life goal into daily activities to conquer persistently.

In consequence, I wrote this book to ascribe achievements to my constant efforts. It gleans my daily accomplishments as footprints toward more prominent success. Whenever I can spare time to read this book, I am sure that I will be proud of the staunch footsteps left behind each valuable day of my life.

Author: The Most Positive Self

Editor: Life Balance App

Publisher: Denalivo Self-Improvement Apps

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