Improve Life Daily with a Sleep Pattern

Improve Your Life with Sleep Pattern

Is there an easy way to improve my life quickly? It is probably the first question you ask yourself when life hits you hard and push you to an unbalanced momentum. Fortunately, the answer can be YES. Sleep sufficiently tonight, and don’t forget to record your sleep in the morning via Sleep Pattern in the Work-Life Balance app.

According to Medical News Today, sleep is essential for physical and mental health. Its article insists on the link between adequate sleep and improvements in concentration, productivity, and cognition. In short, an adult needs an average of 7-9 hours of sleep around the same time daily for optimal health and productivity.

How do I improve my life with the Work-Life Balance app?

There are many features designed to improve your life in the Work-Life Balance app. But in this post, the app introduces you to the most crucial but transparent task for your life improvement: Sleep Pattern. The app encourages you all to record nightly sleep in the Sleep Pattern task during its open-time in the morning. You will score lots of effort points (EP) for sleep recording and bonus EP from the daily Balance Quest for adequate resting. Furthermore, you can track your sleep pattern with graphical and statistical data in the Weekly Report for the current week. For the past week, the app provides recommendations based on full week data to target a consistent adequate sleep pattern.

How to sleep well is possibly beyond the scope of this post. But daily wrap-up helps to improve your life as well as your sleep for sure. Thus, let’s practice the habit of daily wrap-up and go to bed around the same time today. Although achieving a balanced life is a long-term goal, sleep well tonight and be more productive tomorrow is absolutely attainable.

Lastly, remember to track your sleep in the Work-Life Balance app each morning for both long-term and short-term life improvement.

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