Privacy Policy for App Users


Work-Life Balance app (“the app”) is a free game-like app provided by Denalivo Apps. The app aims to encourage users to design and track daily activities of different life areas for a more balanced momentum between work and life. More information about app features should be found on the home page.

For the stated purpose, the app highly recommends users to sign-in with a Google account to get full access to current and future online features such as reviewing their achievements and progress in Work-Life Balance, inviting friends and competing on the leaderboards, backing up user data onto the Google Drive under the registered account, and synchronizing user data for usage across multiple devices.

Information Collection

By signing in with a Google account, the user allows the app to

  1. record their achievements and scores in Google Play Games servers
  2. backup user progress in the app on Google Drive under the registered account of the user

Information Use

In short, the app only collects the minimum required data to serve users. Besides synchronizing user progress data in the app on the Google Drive of registered account and recording achievements and scores on Google Play Games servers,

  1. The app does not collect any extra user data, including registered emails.
  2. The app does not store or retain user data on any unstated servers.
  3. The app will explicitly ask for user consents if requiring more user data for better services.

Use of Third-party Services

The app does use Google services that may collect user information. Therefore, the app encourages users to visit their official sites to review their privacy policies.

Privacy Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time for any reason. The app will notify users of any changes by posting the new Privacy Policy on this page. These changes are valid immediately after the update on this page.

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