New Year – New Life: Start your dream life today

New Year - New Life

Have you set goals for new year 2002? We all need a new better life.

Forget all uncertainties in the last 2 years and the unwanted Covid-19 virus. Let’s think of the new life for the incoming year 2002. What is your dream life?

  • A good job with friendly colleagues ✔️
  • Live in an amazing place ✔️
  • Good health and ideal weight ✔️
  • Happy brilliant minds and an ageless souls ✔️
  • Hang around with positive friends & avoid bad influences ✔️
  • Gorgeous partner and romantic moments ✔️
  • More time and closer relationships with kids ✔️
  • Remarkable occasions with aging parents ✔️
  • Appreciate life and be helpful to surrounding people ✔️
  • … and you name it …

Make a resilient year with all dreams come true in 2022!

Well done! You got the new year’s resolution. However, please ensure you take the following step to turn all your ideas executed and your dream life comes true: Install Work-Life Balance. Work-Life Balance is designed to track your balance and achievements across all life areas: Health, Fun & Hobbies, Personal Growth, Family & Relationships, Friends & Social Life, Rest & Sleep, Contribution to Society, and Career. In addition, the app is implicitly built with many practical living concepts and tips for work-life balance, productivity, success as well as hundreds of healthy daily routines for you to start tracking in a few simple clicks.

If you are haven’t joined the group of work-life balance pioneers yet, please explore Q&A to learn how to improve quality of life by using different features in the app. Please feel free to feedback and grow together with us at the email

Start living your dream life today with the assistant of Work-Life Balance – an app to lift up your life in all areas. Let Work-Life Balance be your companion in the resilient year 2022.

Life Balance Quest in first half of April 2020
Life Balance Quest achievements in the first half of April 2020 among all life balance pioneers

Are you interested in how other pioneers behave in the Balance Quests? Due to the general privacy policy and different types of app accounts that users decide to stay, we are all sure that NO ONE knows how a particular pioneer performs on the quest toward life balance. Instead, Life Balance app will try to inform some statistics on how the whole group performs at a high abstraction level. You should get some ideas on where the new life adventure start.

The good news is balance quests distributing nearly even across all life areas. Thus, we achieved a good life balance during the first half of April as a whole group.

However, pioneers only spend time for 3-4 life areas per day on average. The obvious target is some number closer to 8 as we try to spread our daily time over as many life areas as possible. Our ultimate purpose is to nourish every day of our life with various sources of energy and happiness.

Balance Quests: where the new life adventure starts

Are you willing to take new life adventures to neglected life areas? It will be different for each person, but you can identify your recommended life areas in the Weekly Report and Balance Tracker. You can create a life-changing habit in the area to take daily action with more discipline and rewards from Habit Builder. Meanwhile, concerning areas for all pioneers should be Contribution to Society, Friends, and Family according to the graph of Life Balance Quest achievements in the first half of April 2020 among all life balance pioneers.

Although Covid-19 is a barrier factor for those mentioned areas, Life Balance enumerates many virtual activities to perform without close contact. Feel free to share significant activities with the group directly or privately message us via in-app feedback. Let’s explore new life adventures on the Balance Quests together for the rest of the month. You can do it!

Life Balance captures all proudest moments in the your book of life: The Road of Achievements.

“Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world,” said Archimedes – an ancient philosopher and versatile scientist. Such maxim revealed the inevitable role of equilibrium in physics, and life is not different from physics. In fact, the road to success seems far without life balance.

Today I got a new virtual assistant: Life Balance, to be my companion on the road of achievements. Adopting the app does not mean my life is out of balance. Instead, I decided to let it help to advance my life balance and acknowledge my daily achievements. Further, I need its presence through vicissitudes to kindle my enthusiasm, inspire my confidence, and persistently promote my travail to success.

From now on, I will try to balance my time in all life areas. I know they are mutually complementary. I know they coalesce to enlighten my life and push me beyond my current limits. For the day the dream success of my life coming true, I will divide my life goal into daily activities to conquer persistently.

In consequence, I wrote this book to ascribe achievements to my constant efforts. It gleans my daily accomplishments as footprints toward more prominent success. Whenever I can spare time to read this book, I am sure that I will be proud of the staunch footsteps left behind each valuable day of my life.

Author: The Most Positive Self

Editor: Life Balance App

Publisher: Denalivo Self-Improvement Apps

Track Contribution to Society in the Work-Life Balance app

To celebrate Thanksgiving, the Work-Life Balance app takes the chance to highlight a significant but underestimated life area: Contribution to Society.

By the above statement, the app does not mean people ignore contributions to society. Many of us make contributions regularly during daily work and busy life but don’t even remember. Meanwhile, some have not yet realized that daily contribution to society indeed brings us happiness and life balance. From now on, we can keep an eye on this living area by tracking giving time on the life wheel in the Work-Life Balance app.

Track Daily Contribution to Society to Credit Yourself

If you have contributed but still desired a work-life balance, it’s time to track it. The app offers the option to log time on past activity. Users can recall how much time spent on giving during Daily Reflection and record contribution time instantly. By tracking daily contribution time to society, you give credit to yourself, soothe from a hard workday, and realize more meanings of life to balance yourself.

In contrast, if you have not thought of contributing to society, let’s practice giving to change your life today. The Work-Life Balance app can be your companion on the new track. You can first follow the daily Balance Quest to spent minimal time on the area. Alternately, you can design a habit in the area of Contribution to Society. The in-app Habit Tracker feature sets will push you daily until forming in 21 days or achieving a permanent habit in 90-254 days.

Experience Happiness from Giving

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away,” said Pablo Picasso, a versatile painter and one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Therefore, the Work-Life Balance app challenges you to step out of the proximity of family and friends. Take action on giving to enlighten your life daily.

Lastly, remember to log your time on the Work-Life Balance app and track how Contribution to Society changes your life.

Improve Your Life with Sleep Pattern

Is there an easy way to improve my life quickly? It is probably the first question you ask yourself when life hits you hard and push you to an unbalanced momentum. Fortunately, the answer can be YES. Sleep sufficiently tonight, and don’t forget to record your sleep in the morning via Sleep Pattern in the Work-Life Balance app.

According to Medical News Today, sleep is essential for physical and mental health. Its article insists on the link between adequate sleep and improvements in concentration, productivity, and cognition. In short, an adult needs an average of 7-9 hours of sleep around the same time daily for optimal health and productivity.

How do I improve my life with the Work-Life Balance app?

There are many features designed to improve your life in the Work-Life Balance app. But in this post, the app introduces you to the most crucial but transparent task for your life improvement: Sleep Pattern. The app encourages you all to record nightly sleep in the Sleep Pattern task during its open-time in the morning. You will score lots of effort points (EP) for sleep recording and bonus EP from the daily Balance Quest for adequate resting. Furthermore, you can track your sleep pattern with graphical and statistical data in the Weekly Report for the current week. For the past week, the app provides recommendations based on full week data to target a consistent adequate sleep pattern.

How to sleep well is possibly beyond the scope of this post. But daily wrap-up helps to improve your life as well as your sleep for sure. Thus, let’s practice the habit of daily wrap-up and go to bed around the same time today. Although achieving a balanced life is a long-term goal, sleep well tonight and be more productive tomorrow is absolutely attainable.

Lastly, remember to track your sleep in the Work-Life Balance app each morning for both long-term and short-term life improvement.

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